Locals Massage Slippers Now Available

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Locals Massage Slippers

Locals Massage Slippers ("Slippas with Da Bumps") Now Available Online!

A question we were getting from a lot of fans was "Eh braddah, you got the slippas with da bumps that massage your feet while you walk?!" And the answer to that question now is, "Why yes. Yes we do." This January of 2013, we here at Locals USA added 4 colorways of the Locals Massage Slippas to our official Locals online store in the Men's and Women's categories. Kids Locals Massage Slippers will be coming soon, but for now, the originals are up and ready for your spring and summer walkabouts! These slippers combine the original styling of the OG Locals Strap Slippers, but with an amazing added massage effect. The bumps are relatively hard rubber and are made of the same materials as the base (or footbed) of the Strap Slipper models. As you walk, the bumps press against your foot in an intermittent manner, which gives it the massage effect. These slippers really do provide additional comfort! One suggestion is to make sure your Locals Massage Slippers aren't too small for you; this will ensure a comfortable fit between the strap and the bumps of the footbed for your foot. We are also planning to add more styles to the Kids and Youth section very soon, so continue to stay tuned here to our official Locals blog to see what's coming up next. We are starting to get stoked for the summer and hope that you are too! Until then, know that you can always buy Locals Slippers online here. Mahalos! ~The Locals USA Team
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